All Ampco Applied Products (AAP) are designed to deliver greater efficiency, enhanced performance, and simplified maintenance for brewing and dry hopping. The ROLEC DHWine & Must CartSBI Blender and CB+ Craft Brew Pump are all specifically design for small to mid-size craft breweries.

ROLEC DH Induction Systems


ROLEC DH Induction Systems offer small to large scale breweries a safe and efficient way to dry hop beer. There are three different models: ROLEC DH45ROLEC DH90 and ROLEC DH250.These ROLEC DH units are not just for hop induction, they can be utilized to induce coffee, spices, nuts, fruit, honey and more! The systems use carbon dioxide to purge oxygen from the hop chamber. All models include VFD or motor starter and stainless steel casters. Base material is 304 stainless steel and wetted parts is 316L stainless steel. The DH90 and DH250 can CIP with or without a sprayball due to its internal whirpool system. The DH45 requires a sprayball for CIP.

ROLEC DH Specifications

Model ROLEC DH45

Ampco ROLEC DH45

Model ROLEC DH90

Ampco ROLEC DH90

Model ROLEC DH250

Ampco ROLEC DH250

SBI Blender


SBI Shear Series pumps can move product and create considerable pressure by way of a hybrid impeller. The ROLEC DH units utilize the Ampco SBI pump to safely induce dry hop pellets, fruits, spices, coffee and more directly into the stream of beer while recirculating the fermenter.

Ampco SBI Blender

Wine & Must Cart


Ampco's Wine & Must Cart is most typically used in applications like wine/juice transfer, barrel work, filter feed and bottling/filler supply. Made up with an Ampco ZP1 positive displacement pump, NEMA 4X VFD, 304 stainless steel gearcase, 316L stainless steel wetted parts, alloy 88 non-galling rotors, 17-4ph stainless steel shaft, helical gear and 10ft foam filled wheels. Also, it has tri-clamp connections, single o-ring seals and remote speed potentiometer. High efficiency TEFC motors with 20:1 turndown ratio. There are four models: WC-30WC-40WC-60 and WC-130.

Ampco Wine Cart

CB+ Craft Brew Pump


Specifically designed for the craft brewing industry to allow brewers to focus on creating their next signature beer rather than deal with leaking pumps. Available in 8 model sizes, flow rates up to 920 GPM, can handle pressures up to 130 PSI and has a max viscosity of 1,200 cP.

Ampco CB+ Craft Brew Pump

Ampco Brewing