Ampco specifically designed the CB+ pump for passionate brewers in the craft brewing industry who want to create their signature brews and not have to deal with leaking pumps in the process. The pump has been engineered with a sanitary internal seal that keeps seal faces cooler and minimizes product buildup. What seperates this pump from the rest is that it is hydraulically and dimensionally interchangeable with the AC, AC+ and competitor C Series pumps. Ampco CB+ Conversion Kits and CB+2 Conversion Kits are available for purchase online from Anderson Process.

The CB+ Craft Brew Pump is available in 8 model sizes. All models are made of 316L stainless steel. The CB+ pump has built the reputation as being the best in the business for craft brewing applications when it comes to quality and performance standards. At Anderson Process we strive to be in line with the top standards of the brewery industry and continuously look for the newest technologies and product innovations, this is what has kept our customers happy for over 50 years. Please contact us at 262-784-3340 or email to see how the CB+ can benefit your brewing process.

CB+ Craft Brew Pump Models:

  • CB+ 114
  • CB+ 214
  • CB+ 216
  • CB+ 316
  • CB+ 218
  • CB+ 318
  • CB+ 328
  • CB+ 428
  • CB+ 4410
  • CB+ 6410