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The modern chemical processing industry is essential to the world economy.  Chemical processing consists of converting raw materials such as oil, natural gas, air, water, metals and minerals, into more than 70,000 products.  These products include a vast array of consumer and industrial goods.  Chemicals also play a large part in the manufacturing industry, including the manufacturing of textiles, apparel, petroleum-refining, pulp and paper, primary metals and semiconductor. Our industrial hoses can assist pumping a large array of chemicals during the transfer, loading or bulk storage stage of many processes.

Anderson Process stocks a large array of products for the chemical industry that will suit your needs. We carry all types of chemical transfer hose including composite hose, Teflon hose, rubber hose, and special application hoses such as chlorine transfer and high quality steam hose.  Industrial chemical hoses can be used in several applications such as corrosive products, hydrocarbons derivatives, farming, bayside loading and unloading tankers, fueling supply, distribution of hydrocarbons by truck and petrol pump, reactors, railcar unloading, manufacturing plants, distilleries, military applications and much more.

Our industrial chemical hoses are capable of handling almost all common industrial chemicals. We have acid chemical suction and discharge hoses that have been certified to handle several types of inorganic acids. Our specialty chemical hoses can handle the stronger oxidizing agents such as nitric acid, chromic acid, and sulphuric acid.  Our industrial chemical hoses offer covers that are abrasion, oil, and chemical resistant. Our hose covers can also come with spiral steel helix reinforcement which will ensure structural integrity even in a full vacuum environment. Processing or transferring chemicals is a very dangerous task and the spilling or misuse of the chemicals can cause serious injury or death. At Anderson Process we strive to be in line with the top standards of the chemical hose industry; Our manufacturers are constantly searching for the newest technologies and innovations that increase hose safety and durability. We offer top notch services including hose safety training, hose testing & certification, and hose repair.

Our sealing products division offers expanded Teflon sheet and molded PTFE gaskets to consolidate gasket consumption. We also have corrugated metal and Camprofile gaskets for heat exchanger applications and split mechanical seals for mixer applications. Not only do we offer one of the widest selections of industrial hose, but we also sell full lines of pumps, mixers, heat exchangers, and accessories. Our staff includes some of the top rated hosed specialists and engineers in the nation. If you have any questions please call us at 262-784-3340 or email

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