Industrial Pharmaceutical Hose

The pharmaceutical industry consists of developing, producing and marketing drugs for use as medications in both humans and animals. The pharmaceutical industry has been around since the Middle Ages and as the global economy advances, processes are becoming more automated, while laws and regulations are becoming even more stringent, making it a very competitive industry. All of our pharmaceutical hoses are suitable for pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, and food appliations.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing requires flexible hoses with a clearly defined set of properties which include excellent flexibility, full vacuum resistance, toughness, high pressure resistance, chemical compatibility, and easiness of cleaning the hose. We offer PTFE, IIR, MFA, and UPE hose linings that are more chemical resistant than any other lining, which keeps the hoses completely non-reactive and non-contaminating to any process fluids or chemicals passing through the hose. These linings also prevent build-up or stickiness that can be left in the hose.

The pharmaceutical market consists of several different types of hoses including air and multipurpose hose, chemical transfer hose, ducting, fire hoseIn the pharmaceutical industrial hose market we understand the desire for durable, high quality products. When a pharmaceutical hose line breaks or gets damaged on a vital piece of machinery, it can devastate a high-yield process which results in major profit losses and unnecessary downtime. To avoid these long term expenses preventative maintenance can be used, please call us for more information on hose training and safety. Another major concern in the pharmaceutical hose industry is the potential injury from chemicals and other corrosive materials, this is why we stock the highest quality products that are guaranteed to last long with no problems, which leaves our customers with a peace of mind. Anderson Process has one of the largest pharmaceutical hose inventories in the nation which allows us to provide our customers the perfect hose for their application, prevent downtime, and provide same day solutions. We also sell a full line of pumps, mixers, heat exchangers, and accessories that fit into the pharmaceutical industry.

At Anderson Process we strive to be in line with the top standards of the pharmaceutical hose industry and continuously look for the newest technologies, this is what has kept our customers happy for over 50 years. Our staff includes some of the top rated hose specialists and engineers in the nation. If you have any questions please call us at 262-784-3340 or email