Industrial Pulp & Paper Hose

The Pulp and Paper industry consists of more than just white printer paper and notebook paper.  The industry has expanded over the years to become one of most diverse industries out there.   Also included in the Pulp and Paper industry is the manufacturing of specialty coated papers, tissues, containerboard and paperboards, box and cartons, bags and envelopes.  Pulp and Paper mills are located around the globe to service the large need for paper products for everyday use.

At Anderson Process, our top quality pulp & paper hoses eliminate leak points that contribute to hazardous emissions, and reduce the harmful effects on the environment for pneumatic, hydraulic, and steam based systems within the industry. Some other types of hose involved in the pulp & paper industry include black liquor hose, chemical transfer hose, general service air and water hose, cleaning equipment hose, ducting hose, fire hose, specialty hose, water hose, and more. To eliminate buildup, we use reliable and durable fluid control components. Although most paper mills use only metal tubing in their pulp & paper manufacturing process, we are able to bend and flange our tubing. Anderson Process has a sealing products division where we stock expanded/filled fluoropolymer gasketing for batch & continual digester areas, and also stock rubber core hydro-pulper packing for a much more controlled leakage solution.

In the pulp & paper hose industry we understand the desire for durable, high quality products. When a pulp & paper hose line breaks on a vital piece of machinery, it can devastate a high-yield process which results in major profit loss and unnecessary downtime. To avoid these long term expenses preventative maintenance can be used, please call us for more information on hose safety and training. Another major concern in the pulp and paper industry is potential injury from chemicals and other corrosive materials, this is why we stock the highest quality products that are guaranteed to last long with no problems, which leaves our customers with a peace of mind. Anderson Process has one of the largest pulp & paper hose inventories in the nation which allows us to find our customers the perfect hose for their application, reduce downtime, and provide same day solutions. We also sell a full line of pumps, mixers, heat exchangers, and accessories that fit into the pulp and paper industry.