Industrial Wastewater Hose

After water has been treated and used for its initial purpose, it then gets sent down to the drain and onto the next journey. However, the water cannot be sent directly back to the environment because it has been contaminated.  Either waste treatment facilities or industrial plants have to treat the water so it can either be re-used or disposed of. Our planet would become polluted if we didn't treat the billions of gallons of wastewater and sewage that are produced daily. Wastewater is basically used water that can contain food scraps, human waste, oils, chemicals, soaps, storm runoff, and more. Wastewater treatment applies to several industries including fisheries and wildlife habitats. There are many different processes that wastewater treatment facilities can use depending on the type of water it is. Often treatment facilities use chemicals to treat the water; this is where our chemical transfer hoses can be used to pump chlorine, potassium hydroxide and ferric Chlorides during the wastewater treatment process.

In the wastewater industry we understand the desire for durable, high quality products. When a wastewater hose line breaks or gets damaged on a vital piece of machinery it can devastate a high-yield process which results in major profit loss and downtime. To avoid these long term expenses preventative maintenance can be used, please call us for more information on hose safety & training. Another major concern in the wastewater industry is the potential injury from chemicals and other corrosive materials, this is why we stock only the highest quality products that are guaranteed to last long with no problems, which leaves our customers with a peace of mind. Anderson Process has one of the largest wastewater hose inventories in the nation which allows us to find the perfect hose for your application, prevent downtime, and provide same day solutions. We also sell a full line of wastewater pumps, mixers, heat exchangers, and accessories.

At Anderson Process we strive to be in line with the top standards of the wastewater industry and continuously look for the newest technologies and products innovations, this is what has kept our customers happy for over 50 years. Our staff includes some of the top rated hose specialists and engineers in the nation. If you have any questions please call us at 262-784-3340 or email