American Melt Blown & Filtration

American Melt Blown & Filtration

American Melt Blown & Filtration (AMBF) is a fully-equipped filtration manufacturer producing industry-standard, custom, and OEM-specified filters to meet your most demanding filtration technology applications. AMBF is ideally located in the mid-west heartland of the USA and works closely with our distribution network to offer you second-to-none service and delivery of product when needed.


  • Meltblown Cartridges
  • String-Wound Filter Cartridges
  • Standard Efficiency Pleated Cartridges
  • Carbon Block Cartridges
  • Stainless Steel Cartridges
  • High Efficiency Pleated Cartridges
  • Glass Microfiber Cartridges
  • Polyethersulfone Membrane Cartridges
  • Nylon Membrane Cartridges
  • PTFE Membrane Cartridges
  • POEL Series Filter Bags
  • 625 HF Series Filter Elements
  • Quick Opening Cartridge Housings
  • Quick Opening Bag Filter Housings
  • Hazmat Sorbent Media
  • Oil-Only Sorbent Media


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