Shelco Filters

Shelco Filters

Shelco’s complete range of industrial filter technology offers high performance, cost-effective solutions for every challenging filtration application.  Shelco uses state-of-the-art research and development to design high-quality filters that increase performance and reduce costs. Our proven single shell design has become an industry standard.  Today, our entire filtration product line offers innovative solutions for each customer and are used in a wide range of applications, from industrial processing to high-purity applications. Some of Shelco’s main product offerings consist of: Industrial single cartridge housings, multi-cartridge housings and industrial filter cartridges.


  • FOS, FOSBN & FOC Series
  • 4FOS & 5FOS Series
  • 7FOS Series
  • 12FOS & 22FOS Series
  • High Flow Economy Housings
  • Bag Filter Housings
  • High Purity Housings
  • Sanitary Housings
  • MicroSentry MS Series
  • MicroSentry ME Series
  • MicroSentry MB Series
  • High Efficiency MicroVantage Cartridges
  • MicroVantage Membrane Ultra-High Purity Cartridges


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