Chemical Hose

Chemical Hose

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Eaton Chemical Hoses come in a bunch of different configurations that have been specifically designed for a variety of applications. There are suction and discharge, discharge and specialty hoses to choose from. Temperatures range from -45°F to 275°F and you'll find hoses constructed with tubes consisting of nylon, EPDM, PVC/Polyurethane, CPE, UHMW-PE (FDA-Approved) and even XLPE. Take a look at our listings below and let us know if you are unsure as to what hose is the right selection for your specific application.

  • Suction & Discharge: ARMORCAT™, CHEMCAT™, COUGAR™, PANTHER™, TIGER™
  • Discharge: ALLEYCAT™ Hot Liquid, LEOPARD™
  • Specialty: NYALL™

WARNING! Elevated temperatures can change chemical resistance ratings. Please refer to the Chemical Compatibility information prior to use. Factors such as concentration, fluid contamination, and extreme temperatures may affect these performance specification. Please consult Eaton catalog or Technical Support for proper application.

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