Material Handling Hose

Material Handling Hose

Slurry and Abrasive Resistant · Flexbility · Eaton Value

Eaton Material Handling Hoses come in a bunch of different configurations that have been specifically designed for a variety of applications. There dry material and sandblast hoses to choose from. Temperatures range from -40°F to 160°F and you'll find hoses constructed with tubes consisting of natural rubber, EPDM and even static dissipating natural rubber/SBR blend. Take a look at our listings below and let us know if you are unsure as to what hose is the right selection for your specific application.

  • Dry Material: WILDCAT™ Dry Material, WILDCAT™ Soft Wall Dry Material, WILDCAT™ Hot Air Transfer
  • Sandblast: WILDCAT™ Sandblast

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