Sharpe Mixers

Sharpe Mixers

Sharpe has become industries go to manufacturer for agitators because of their innovative problem solving and advancement in mixing technology. With a commitment to quality in engineering, manufacturing, and service, Sharpe is sure to meet the needs of your application with a reliable, efficient mixer. Everything from the impeller design to the shaft seals have been engineered and tested to provide the most efficient and dependable mixers. Required process result, tank geometry, impeller characteristics, and mechanical design are all considered when sizing the equipment to produce ideal mixer selections.

The exclusive computer program analysis combined with and Engineer’s CAD designs will guarantee that the mixer will fit perfectly with the tank and application. Sharpe mixers can be used to mix two liquids, a liquid and a solid, a gas and a liquid, or gas, liquids and solids in industries such as pharmaceuticals, mining, waste treatment, food and beverage, and many more. There are mixers for high viscosity fluids, sanitary applications, high temperatures, and other special environments. Sharpe works to meet the needs of each and every specific application to find the optimal selection to your application.


  • Portable Mixers
  • F-Series Mixers
  • N-Series Mixers
  • V-Series Mixers
  • E-Series Mixers


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