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The brewery industry consists of companies who produce beer, malt liquor, ale, and non-alcoholic beer. The brewery industry is a very competitive market where the larger companies have advantages in sales and marketing as well influence with distributors. There are also thousands of smaller breweries or microbreweries that can compete effectively with the larger known companies by developing specialty products and serving a local market. There are also thousands of "home brewers" that brew as a hobby, or for a small profit. The 8 largest breweries make up over 90% of the US brewery industry revenue. Brewers use several methods of distribution including canning, bottling, and barreling. At Anderson Process, we supply a full line of brewery equipment and our huge inventory is big enough to supply even the top known breweries in the US.

There are many steps in the brewing process, but one of the most important parts is selecting the hosing/tubing. The most common types of brewery hoses are clear PVC Vinyl tubing, Reinforced PVC Vinyl tubing, Silicone tubing, and Thermoplastic tubing. Most breweries use all of these hoses in different parts of their factory. Clear PVC Vinyl tubing is commonly used for moving beer around in the "cold" parts of the brewery both before and after fermentation. The clear tubing makes it easy to see the color and flow rate of the beer, this tubing shouldn't be used on the hot side of the brewery because it will kink under the hot environment. A good choice for the hot side of the brewery would be the reinforced clear PVC tubing which is almost the same as the clear PVC tubing, but in the Vinyl it has a polyester braid that increases the working pressures and reduces the chance of kinks. Silicone tubing is most commonly used in the home brewery, as it is able to withstand hot temperatures up to 500 degrees and the visibility of the beer is good, but not as clear as the clear PVC tubing. The silicone tubing is kink resistant and most effective on the hot side of breweries. Finally thermoplastic tubing is a good alternative to silicone tubing since it can withstand very hot temperatures, but it's opacity makes it unable to see the beer which can be a huge factor for most brewers. It is common the replace your tubing yearly, or whenever you see scratches or discoloration. The best way to avoid replacing your tubing more than once per year is to store it properly. All hoses must be washed out and dried before you store them. Coiling the hoses inside your brewing vessels is a common practice of storage but make sure your hose doesn't kink when you do this, if you have room the best way is hanging them up lengthwise so they can completely drain and be kink free. Other common brewery equipment includes brewery controllers, brewing kettles, burners, cam and groove fittings, CIP spray balls, o-rings, pumps, fermenter kits, thermowells, threaded fittings, temperature probe components, temperature sensors, Tri Clover fittings, Trub filter, and weldless fittings.

Brewery hoses are used in special applications where the hose needs to perform with maximum reliability and consistency. In the brewery industry we understand the requirements set by the FDA, and your desire for durable, high quality products. When a brewery hose line breaks or gets damaged on a vital piece of machinery, it can devastate a high-yield process which results in a major profit loss and unnecessary downtime. To avoid these long term expenses preventative maintenance can be used, please call us for more information about hose safety & training. Our top quality brewery hoses are guaranteed to last long with no problems, which leaves our customers with a peace of mind. Anderson Process has one of the largest brewery hose inventories in the nation which allows us to find you the perfect hose for you application, reduce downtime, and provide same day solutions. We stock all products needed to start a brewery or replace a broken or damaged item in an existing brewery. 

At Anderson Process we strive to be in line with the top standards of the brewery industry and continuously look for the newest technologies and product innovations, this is what has kept our customers happy for over 50 years. Our staff includes some of the top rated hose specialists and engineers in the nation. If you have any questions please call us at 262-784-3340 or email

Beverage Hose at a Glance

  • ExtremeFlex Beverage Gray: Advanced formulation and construction that creates an incredibly durable and flexible hose at a great value. Primarily for beverage and non-oil material transfer.
  • ExtremeFlex Beverage Red: ExtremeFlex construction developed further with a corrugated EZ Clean cover for added abrasion resistance and easy cleaning.
  • ExtremeFlex Food Grade: A high-tech, flexible corrugated hose with pretzel-like agility and proven performance. Good for both liquid and dry food transfer.
  • Gray Flextra LT: Extra flexible suction and delivery hose for a wide range of products.
  • Vintner: Suction and discharge hose that is designed for handling in-plant and/or tank truck transfer of wine, beer, potable water and other non-oily, liquid foodstuffs.
  • White Flexwing: Extra-flexible suction and delivery hose for a wide range of products. Suitable for fatty and non-fatty food products. Great choice for the dairy industry.
  • Pliovic FG (FDA-3A): Versatile and lightweight with reinforced tubing for the food and beverage industry. Liner is NSF-61 listed material.
  • Velocity Beverage Transfer: Lightweight, flexible PVC hose for milk processing, wineries and breweries.
  • Blue Fortress 300 with Microban PP: High-quality construction for hot water in cleanup service at food processing plants, dairies, packing houses, bottling plant and breweries.
  • Fortress 3000 with Microban PP: Washdown hose to be used on pressure washer machines with working pressures up to 3000psi. The Fortress 3000 is widely used in the food and beverage industry.
  • Super Sani-Wash 300: Economic washdown hose with EPDM liner.
  • Glidetech Distillery: Extra flexible suction and delivery hose suitable for distilled and distillation by-products with alcohol concentration up to 96%.
  • 6502 High Pressure Brewery Discharge Hose: Novaflex 6502 special construction provides maximum flexibility for ease of handling.
  • 6505 Connoisseurs Wine Hose: Designed to meet the demands of cleaning in process. Special kink and crush resistant with multi-ply construction and dual special monofilament helix rods.
  • 6506 Connoisseurs Food & Beverage Hose: Suction and discharge hose designed for those more demanding application requiring a product that meets 3-A, FDA and USDA standards.
  • 6507NB NovaBrew Hose: NovaBrew is a state of the art designed hose based on the specific requirements of the modern day brewery.
  • SS200 Brewers Discharge Hose: Discharge hose designed to handle beer, non-fatty and non-oil foods, liquids and potable water in brewery and winery transfer applications.

Ampco Pumps Company Logo

Ampco Brewing and Cellar Technologies

SBI Blender: SBI Shear Series pumps can move product and create considerable pressure by way of a hybrid impeller.

Ampco SBI Blender

Model ROLEC DH250: Offer small to large scale breweries a safe and efficient way to dry hop beer. 264lbs pellet capacity, SBI-R20 pump, 3.7 bbls/4.3 hectoliters, 2" port, 10 hp motor. Can CIP with or without a sprayball due to its internal whirlpool system. Base material 304 Stainless Steel, wetted parts 316L Stainless Steel.

Ampco ROLEC DH250

Model ROLEC DH90: Offer small to large scale breweries a safe and efficient way to dry hop beer. 88lbs pellet capacity, SBI-R10 pump, 2.9 bbls/3.4 hectoliters, 1.5" port, 5 hp motor. Can CIP with or without a sprayball due to its internal whirlpool system. Base material 304 Stainless Steel, wetted parts 316L Stainless Steel.

Ampco ROLEC DH90

Model ROLEC DH45: Offer small to large scale breweries a safe and efficient way to dry hop beer. 44lbs pellet capacity, SBI-R10 pump, 2.0 bbls/2.4 hectoliters, 1.5" port, 5 hp motor. Required a sprayball for CIP. Base material 304 Stainless Steel, wetted parts 316L Stainless Steel.

Ampco ROLEC DH45

Wine & Must Cart: Made up with an Ampco ZP1 Positive Displacement Pump, NEMA 4X VFD, 304 Stainless Steel Gearcase, 316L Stainless Steel Wetted Parts, Alloy 88 Non-Galling Rotors, 17-4ph Stainless Steel Shaft, Helical Gear and 10″ Foam Filled Wheels.

Ampco Wine Cart

CB+ Craft Brew Pump: Specifically designed for the craft brewing industry to allow brewers to focus on creating their next signature beer rather than deal with leaking pumps. Available in 8 model sizes, flow rates up to 920 GPM, can handle pressures up to 130 PSI and has a max viscosity of 1,200 cP.

Ampco CB+ Craft Brew Pump

Dixon Valve Logo

Dixon Brewing Technologies

JRZL Series Positive Displacement Pumps: Used for must and lees, whole berries, transfer and bottling applications. 1" to 10" sizes, 316L Stainless Steel, front loading seals, various rotor options, 3A & EHEDG, 100% CIPable.

Dixon JRZL Series Pumps

BC/BP Series Centrifugal Pumps: Used for pump over, transfer and tank cleaning applications. 1-1/2" to 6" inlet, 1-1/2" to 4" outlet, 316L Stainless Steel, Buna/EPDM/Silicone/FKM elastomers, impeller retainer or threaded impeller nut options, stamped volute, 3A & CIPable.

Dixon BC/BP Series Pumps

B5101/B5115 Series Butterfly Valves: Used for isolation and control applications. 1/2" to 8" sizes, 316L Stainless Steel (B5101), 304 Stainless Steel (B5115), variable actuator and control packages (B5101), multipe handle options (B5101), 3 seat materials available (B5101), silicone seat material only (B5115), manual handle only, cannot be actuated (B5115).

Dixon BS101/B5115 Series Butterfly Valves

BV2C Series Ball Valves: Used for isolation, control and diversion applications. 1/2" to 4" sizes, CF8M, various actuator and control packages, 5 encapsulated seat materials available, ISO5211 mounting pad.

Dixon BV2C Series Ball Valves

TV Series Tank Vent Valves: Secondary tank protection during filling or draining of tanks. 2" and 3" clamp connection on same valve/304 Stainless Steel dome (PVC with Stainless Steel dome), Stainless Steel screen/2", 3" and 4" (Stainless Steel valve).

Dixon TV Series Tank Vent Valves

Topping Gun, Gauges, Sample Valves, Sight Glasses and Spray Balls

Dixon Brewery

Strainers: Used for filtering and removing hops from wort or beer. 1" to 3" sizes, 316L Stainless Steel, inline, side entry and side outlet, dual strainer assemblies using ball or butterfly valves.

Dixon Strainers

JRZW120 Wine Pump: Used for must and lees, transfer and bottling applications. 2" clamp, 316L Stainless Steel, EPDM rubber heli-lobe, max flow of 66 GPM, max working pressure of 87psi, mounted on a cart with flat free wheels or casters, nord adjustable speed gearmotor.

Dixon JRZW120 Wine Pump

SV Series Seat Valves: Used for isolation and diversion applications. 1" to 6" sizes, 316L Stainless Steel, field serviceable, manual or automated, various control top options, 3A & CIPable.

Dixon SV Series Seat Valves

Mix Proof Valves: Used for seperation of product and cleaning agent, manifolds and diversion applications. 1" to 6" sizes, 316L Stainless Steel, body machined from solid bar, standard O-rings, service possible without compressed air, piggable option.

Dixon Mix Proof Valves

SPR Series Pressure Relief Valves: Used for pressure relief and by-pass applications. Body machined from solid bar, 3 pressure ranges available up to 300psi, standard O-ring seal, 3A.

Dixon SPR Series Pressure Relief Valves

B5101 Series Butterfly Valves: Used for isolation and control applications. 1/2" to 8" sizes, 316L Stainless Steel, silicone/EPDM/FKM seats, multiple handle options, various actuator and control packages.

Dixon B5101 Series Butterfly Valves

B54 Series Sight Glasses: View products and fluids in process and hose lines. 1" to 6" (B54BMP), 1", 1-1/2", 2", 3" and 4" (B54BMPS), 2-piece design (B54BMPS), repair kits and replacement parts available (B54BMP), 316L Stainless Steel.

Dixon B54 Series Sight Glasses